Layering Made Easy

Getting that effortless necklace stack is one of the small joys of life, and our styling guide is here to help you achieve just that. 


Short & Sweet

Start with something short and versatile - this will be your base necklace. A no-brainer base layer is our best selling Nassau Necklace, loved for its elegance and subtle shine.


Delicate Details

Add some dimension and length to your stack with a pendant, whether it's dainty and personal or big and bold.


Pro tip:

Opt for a longer chain, but if your pendant necklace is the same length as your base simply add a chain extender!

A Strong Finish

Complete your stack with a chunky chain that ties the look together and draws the attention to the full look. We love the Elouise and the Silhouette necklaces for this final step.


Layer For Less

If you still find necklace layering daunting or just don't have the time to plan it out, shop our pre-styled sets.


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