#GoldenWomen Special Collection - International Women's Day

Supporting and celebrating women’s rights is a year-round responsibility for Hey Harper and it's something we fight for with every collection we launch. However, with the International Women's Day coming up, on March 8th 2021, we wanted to create something special and most important, to impact on women's lives. 

So, we are going to launch the Golden Women collection - 4 different necklaces inspired by 4 women who were the firsts in different fields. 

To be the first takes a lot of courage and resilience, and opens doors that can change people’s lives forever. Can you imagine being the first women to go to college or to compete at the olympics? So we wanted to celebrate these women.

Giving back - She's the First Organisation

We wanted to give back and support the women's movement, so we teamed up with the She's The First Organisation. She's The First is a non-profit organisation that fights for gender equality and have a mission that we at Hey Harper love and support - "a world where every girl chooses her own future”.

We believe education to be the central point for improvement and achievement, so during the month of March, we will be donating 10€/10$/10£ for each necklace sold from the #GoldenWomen Collection. 

She's the first organisation

#GoldenWomen Launch

International Woman's Day is approaching and we are launching a collection of gold necklaces that we have been designing for a long time! The inspiration behind the designs are our 4 hero women, Catherine Benson, Hélène Dutrieu, Lili Elbe and Madame C. J. Walker. Let us introduce you to our Golden Women. 


Catherine Necklace

The Catherine necklace, in honor of Catherine Brewer Benson, the first woman that graduated in college in 1840, reminds us to embrace the power of knowledge. This necklace is a symbol of female empowerment and education. The two-sided face on the pendent were made to show that a woman doesn't need to only be one thing, there can be many sides to her and she can be whoever she wants to be. 


Helene Necklace

The Helene necklace is an homage to the first Olympic gold medalist in the modern Olympics, Hélène Dutrieu. Winner of the sprint, Dutrieu triumphed at the Paris Games in 1900 and her win was widely hailed as a defining moment for women's liberation. To honor this achievement, we designed a fine piece of jewelry that features a unique design that represents the strive and ambition all women should have fighting for their rights. Wearing this necklace will make you feel like you can achieve your goals, as disruptive as they may look.


Lili Necklace

Lili Elbe

This necklace is inspired by Lili Elbe. She was the first widely known transgender woman in the early 1900s and she paved the way for many others to really come out and be themselves. Before undergoing gender confirmation surgery in 1930, she was a successful painter and sculptor who was in a committed marriage to a woman named Gerda. Gerda and Lili's story is featured in the film "The Danish Girl."

Being yourself can be a challenge sometimes, but this necklace reminds you that it's a challenge worth living!


Madame Necklace

Madame C.J. Walker

The Madame necklace is named after Sarah Breedlove - better known today as Madam C. J. Walker, the first African-America self-made millionaire. At once powerful yet feminine in design, this statement piece represents the vision Madam C. J. Walker had and worked through to get where she did. 

Some customer's reports say that walking around with Hey Harper jewelry can make you feel like a super rich person. Sarah Breedlove, also known as Madam C.J. Walker didn't have this benefit within her reach on her time, so she worked hard and became the first female self-made African American millionaire.
This necklace is a sign of empowerment and ambition!


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