Stormi Bree teaching you all about that candid look

Romanticize your days...
If we look at Stormi, she's always able to give us the idea that she is living in a movie. And that's not only on Instagram! That glam, the romantic look and the candid but charismatic pose build her whole aura!
Now, how does she achieve this by using some Hey Harper jewelry?
She combines the dainty golden tones with some discreet sparkly details. These are the ingredients that make this recipe so successful!
Check out her picks:

A picture of Stormi Bree Hanley and her outfit is composed by a white top and golden and crystal jewely. She is wearing a ring, 4 necklaces. and two tennis bracelets with crystals: one clear and one multicolor.

We promise you can also claim this energy! And no, you don't need to copy her style: we have plenty of suggestions that you can take inspiration from.

We're not gonna lie: she emanates light, and that's not just a matter of picking the right clothes and combining it with some makeup expertise and the right accessories. This is a mood – you will want to be confident about who you are and what you're wearing!

Take a look at our suggestions:

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