2 cozy and casual outfit tips: Jessie Mae Alonzo

Are you having one of those days when just the idea of putting a pair of jeans on seems too uptight for you? Do you want to pick something comfortable to get you through the day? We have some tips that will make your comfy casual outfit look super stylish!
Take a look at some of Jessie Mae Alonso's looks. The actress known for her role on Little Joe (2019) completely dominates the casual fit game!
We've analyzed some key points, and we believe that there are two tricks that are essential if you want to slay on your cozy outfit.
We've analyzed some key points, and we believe that there are two tricks that are essential if you want to slay on your cozy outfit.

1. Go all in when it comes to color

Don't be afraid to be too extra – adding a pop of color to your look can always be a positive addition, hence it brings the idea of energy and joy.

That's all we need, right?



If you're using nude or basic colored clothes, investing in some colored make up or accessories will be a game changer. And speaking of accessories...

2. Chose to be bold on accessories


If you want to make sure you don't fall into a lousy look, accessories will save the day! Either a bold bag or some statement jewelry will enhance your personality and give some life to your outfit.

Here are some of Jessie Alonzo's suggestions:


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