4 tips to transform your daily style into something unique: Emelie Lindmark

Analyzing Emitaz' recent jewelry stackings

Emelie's colorful heart 💚

This half Sri lankan half swedish beauty is an inspiration for more than 1.5 Million people that follow her on Instagram.
But what makes her style a reference for her followers? We took a look at her feed and from what it concerns us... we guess we have some ideas!
Emelie tends to combine elegant, simple and timeless outfits with some bold pieces. On a simple outfit, a sprinkle of color here and there definitely makes the diference.
First of all, neutral tones are always a safe bet, but if you want to hold on to something more personal and unique, follow Emelie's inspiration and play with tiny colorful details to achieve a vibrant and powerful style.
We hope you took notes on the first tip, because we're moving on to tip number 2 on how to bring that radiant uniqueness to your outfits. Besides investing in some color, @emitaz brings a Gemini Zodiac Necklace in to change her jewelry stacking game. That personal touch adds the magic: a star sign or an initial are always great add-ons on your accessories!

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All set for lesson number 3?

Ok, here we go: chunky jewelry items. Yes, you heard it well - a bulky ring or a thick necklace can totally change the way your outfit showcases your personality.

These items scream "Here I am, this is me!".

The 4th advice we have on this matter is probably the most important of them all: you have to feel confortable wearing jewelry!
Emelie Lindmark did not worry about removing her jewelry while enjoying the mesmerizing beaches in the Maldives, she was too busy being herself!

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Inspired? We hope so.
Now, go out there and present yourself with the power of your own identity 💥

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